Marsh Landscape Inc. purchased the franchise rights to Weed Man in 1997.  At the time we were installing many new lawns. Several of our customers were not able to take on the maintenance of their new lawns so we started the Weed Man business. - The benefits of a lush, healthy lawn are many.  A healthy lawn is the best defence against weeds; oxygen is produced; the air is cooled and ground water is filtered. Traditional fertilizer programs now include organic alternatives. Our line of “Natures Touch” products are available for those seeking a more eco-friendly alternative. To help you maintain a beautiful lawn we offer the following services.


Lawn Care

-lime applications- Spring and/or Fall to correct the pH of the soil

-moss control/ iron supplement

-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter fertilizer applications

-core aeration

-compost top dressing

-rye grass over seeding

-weed control-traditional or organic

-pest control using biological nematodes


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