Landscape Maintenance


A beautiful landscape does require regular maintenance. Trees and shrubs do grow and need to be trained and shaped to keep them looking presentable within the landscape. Many fruit bearing plants also need pruning to ensure a good yield of produce. The maintenance division of Marsh Landscape Inc. specializes in the regular up-keep of your outdoor living space. Our staff are trained, certified and professional. We offer contracts to strata corporations and commercial buildings as well as residential maintenance agreements.  Below is a listing of the services we provide.



-regular lawn mowing, trimming, edging, leaf blowing

-garden bed maintenance, weeding, trimming, top dressing, fertilizing

-light planting of annuals, bulbs, etc.

-all forms of hedging with gas equipment, orchard ladders, pole pruning

-fruit tree pruning and spraying (dormant oil & lime sulphur)

-pressure washing

-IPM-Integrated Pest Management techniques

-coordinated services with Weed Man lawn care



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