The Garden Tip today from Ann:

There are many benefits of a nice lawn.  Besides the aesthetic value, well maintained lawns increase the property value of your home. A properly maintained landscape and lawn adds 15% to a home’s value.  Investment in lawns and landscaping is as good as or even better than other home improvements, by way of your recovery rate for investment is 100-200%. Climate is controlled at the ground level by well-maintained turf grasses as they cool temperatures, thus working as exterior air conditioners.  Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by lawns which helps to filter the air.  Lawns help purify water entering the ground, as their root mass and soil microbes act as filters, trapping and breaking down many types of pollutants. Erosion of soil by water is highly controlled by grasses.  Well maintained lawns around buildings is good insurance because they inhibit fires from spreading.  The health of humans is enhanced by lawns as they function in cushioning, cleaning air, generating oxygen and creating a nice serene landscape. A turf area 50 by 50 feet absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride and other pollutants and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four.  Well maintained turf areas affect moods, by creating feelings of peacefulness, privacy, thoughtfulness or happiness.  A well maintained lawn has many benefits and keeping your lawn properly fed, cut and watered is important.  Its spring and time to clean up winter debris off your lawn that has accumulated over the winter.  Rake your lawn. Aerate your lawn, which greatly improves the penetration of oxygen, water and nutrients reaching the roots. And it’s time to lime! Call The Weedman today for help in maintaining your lawn and enjoy the many benefits of a healthy lawn.

Other spring task for the garden – prune roses, shrubs and bushes. Prepare garden soil; add organic matter.  Mulch your garden beds and around tree bases and shrubs. Clean out eaves troughs.  Marsh Landscape Inc. would be happy to help you with any of these spring tasks.

Happy spring!

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